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Let’s hear from you: share news with the membership

Your membership body is for you, the members. So we’d love to hear what has sparked your imagination and you have been up to. If you have exciting news or if you’ve seen an interesting publication, thought piece or research online that you think is worth sharing with the wider membership, don’t keep it to yourself.

Especially while we are still all distanced from each other, it’s important that there’s a way to keep each other up to date. So please do send us anything interesting, especially if it’s not hit the headlines. It doesn't have to be your own content, just something that could interest your fellow members.

How to submit

We’ve put together a page where you can share either links to articles online, or upload documents to us.

To submit news to be considered for publication, complete this form here.

Please note, we may not publish what you send us, but we will consider each submission we receive.

Thank you for sharing!

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