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Have your say on the e-Competence Framework

At ICS we know all IT professionals need to keep their skills up to date and track them throughout their career. We developed the CareerPlus tool to benchmark your skills against an international standard - the e-Competence Framework (eCF).The European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) provides a reference of 40 competences as applied at the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) workplace, using a common language for ...

   Wednesday, July 17th

The EU Cybersecurity Act brings a strong agency for cybersecurity and EU-wide rules on cybersecurity certification

picture evoking cybersecurity

On 27 June the European Cybersecurity Act entered into force, setting the new mandate of ENISA, the EU Agency for Cybersecurity, and establishing the European cybersecurity certification framework. With the entry into force of the Cybersecurity Act, a new course is starting for ENISA, the EU Agency for Cybersecurity, which will enjoy a permanent mandate, increased responsibilities and resources. First example of its kind, the ...

  Tuesday, July 2nd

Global Centre for Business Agility launched as a new force for Digital Transformation

The Irish Computer Society is proud to welcome the Global Centre for Business Agility (GCBA) to its network of supported member bodies. The Global Centre for Business Agility is a non-profit member organisation for professionals who use agile techniques to deliver better business value.The association joins itSMF Ireland, HISI, Iasa Ireland, ADPO, BPI and the Business Analyst Association of Ireland to provide expert ...

  Thursday, June 13th

Behind the Scenes at ICS - Claudia Delaney – Head of Training and Certification

Many of you will know Claudia Delaney, our Head of Training and Certification, who has been with ICS for over 18 years. We’ve spoken to Claudia about her vision for supporting your professional development.Claudia started at ICS as ECDL Accreditation Coordinator. She honed her skills as a learning and development professional while looking after the IT skills needs of hundreds of schools and ...

  Thursday, June 13th

The Blockchain ball is in developers hands

Demand seems to be trending in the ICT skills sphere and, for a change, we are not talking about the skills shortage: the demands are coming from the candidates. If you are a skilled IT professional then it would appear that your wish is their command, provided they want you enough.Another ‘want’ trending at the moment is more education around blockchain, its uses ...

  Monday, December 3rd

IT Professionals' Day 2019

On the 13th of May 2019 we will celebrate the role and contribution IT professionals play in helping business and society.The IT Professionals' Day is an opportunity to applaud the heroes who work in technology and strive to make our everyday life easier and to present young people with the prospect of exciting, rewarding and worthwhile careers in IT.This year we will hold ...

  Tuesday, April 16th

Technology Skills 2022: Ireland’s Third ICT Skills Action Plan Launched

A new government report has announced targets to deliver more than 47,000 graduates with high level ICT skills by 2022.Technology Skills 2022: Ireland’s Third ICT Skills Action Plan sets out priority actions to meet Ireland’s needs for graduates skilled in computing and electronic and electrical engineering to support and drive economic performance over the coming years.The plan is informed by research conducted by ...

  Friday, February 22nd

Every job will be a digital job.

‘Soon every job will be a digital job,” said Linda Keane, strategy and operations manager at the Irish Computer Society (ICS).It’s a stark message and one that feels intuitively right - which of us does not use a computer every day, after all - but Keane said she can back up her claim with research. “The European Commission has predicted that 90 per ...

  Tuesday, January 22nd

Women4IT study of innovative approaches contribution to employment of NEETS/target groups

Deliverable 2.7: study of innovative approaches contribution to employment of NEETS/target groupsThis report summarises good practices and initiatives regarding improving the employment in ICT sector jobs of women and NEETs in the partner countries of this project (Latvia, Spain, Greece, Mala, Lithuania, Ireland and Romania). These good practices are expected to serve as a useful framework and provide valuable insights for the next phases ...

  Friday, September 20th

Women4IT Study of Needs Assessment at European-National level

Deliverable D 2.1: Study of Needs Assessment at European and National Levels Needs Assessment report summarises findings from desk and field research in seven (7) partner countries (Latvia, Spain, Greece, Malta, Lithuania, Ireland and Romania) aiming to contribute in the provision of innovative solutions to increase the number of young women in the digital economy through mapping the theory, practices and policies that underpin the understanding ...

  Friday, September 20th

WATCH: Martine de Groot Grosman describes her company’s experience with implementing the e-CF

See the highlights shared by VIVAT’s Martine de Groot Grosman at the latest ITPE Digital Competence Expert Group, where she explained how holding company VIVAT implemented the e-Competence Framework (e-CF), and what benefits were gained in the organisation. You can find out more about eCF for free via ICS CareerPlus for members here.

   Tuesday, September 17th

Ireland’s IT Skills Recognised at WorldSkills Competition 2019

Team Ireland have returned home after a successful showing at the WorldSkills Competition in Russia. Ireland’s team brought the advantage of their good IT skills to win them one of the gold medals and the Best in Nation medal.At the WorldSkills Competition 2019, the Irish team, which was made up of 17 young apprentices, trainees and students took home 4 gold medals, 1 bronze medal, a ...

  Friday, September 13th

'Being a people manager is an entirely different game'

As the strong IT sector in Ireland continues to grow and mature, the shortage of highly experienced and skilled IT managers becomes more acute.We speak to Grainne Carrickford Kingston, who has developed and directs our well-established Management Development Programme, to answer some questions about the benefits of management training in IT.To begin with, why should you bother to do a management development ...

  Thursday, September 5th

ICS welcomes new Fellow Keith O'Loughlin

ICS welcomes Keith O'Loughlin as a new Fellow of the society.As Senior Vice President Sportsbook and Platform at SG Digital, Keith is responsible for the sports betting division that powers market-leading sportsbooks across the globe including GVC, SkyBet, Caesars Entertainment, New Zealand Racing Board and Danske Spil among others.This involves end to end product management, engineering and development, Managed Trading Services including ...

  Wednesday, September 4th

Why learn SQL?

Learning SQL can be one of the best career decisions you will ever make. Importantly, there’s a high potential salary and you’ll be able to gain insights into the workings of your business. What is SQL? SQL stands for Structured Query Language. It’s a language for interacting with data and data structures within a relational database management system. There are four ...

  Wednesday, August 28th

Think you have the tech skills? Think again.

There can be few people today who don’t encounter information technology in the workplace. Of course, offices started to transform in the 1980s but today everyone, from shop assistants to bar staff, will use a computing device at some point during the working day. Indeed, with the mobile revolution in full flow, even lorry drivers, onsite construction workers and sole-trader plumbers will find ...

  Wednesday, August 28th