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ICT professionals: skills opportunities and challenges 2019 EU update

A new report predicts an additional 395,000 new jobs in ICT occupations by 2030. Ireland is expected to grow ICT jobs by 29% - far in above of the predicted EU average of 11%.Cedefop the independent EU agency for developing skills policy and Skills Panorama the analysis unit charged with turning labour market data into accurate and timely intelligence have delivered their latest new insights into skill ...

  Friday, December 6th

Looking for new staff? Find them at a student-employer networking event

The National College of Ireland are very proud of their students who recently graduated in November from MSc, Postgraduate and Higher Diploma courses in Cyber, Cloud, Data Analytics, Web Technologies and Software Development.These are highly sought after skills and employers looking for these skills were invited to meet with these graduates in a ‘Networking for Work’ event which has now taken place.The ...

  Thursday, November 28th

ICS Deputy CEO Mary Cleary awarded inaugural David O'Leary Award

Mary Cleary, Deputy CEO of the Irish Computer Society, has been awarded the inaugural David O’Leary Award for her contributions to the development of IT Professionalism.Mary Cleary was presented with the award at the IFIP General Assembly in Kiev this week.Receiving the inaugural award demonstrates Mary’s continuing commitment to raising standards of professionalism in IT across Ireland and internationally. She ...

  Thursday, October 17th

A new declaration on IT Professionalism

A new declaration on IT Professionalism was made by the ICS CIO Advisory board on behalf of the ICS CIO Forum at the recent ICS Leaders Conference.It is no secret that almost 40% of companies trying to recruit IT professionals in Europe report difficulties in finding skilled workers. Clearly, we have to create the right framework to attract fresh talent to the IT sector, ...

  Thursday, October 17th

October is European Cybersecurity Month

On the 1st of October the European Cybersecurity Month was launched in all Member States to raise awareness about cybersecurity threats as well as promote cybersecurity among citizens and organisations through education and sharing of good practices. This year, in particular, European Cybersecurity Month will focus on raising awareness about the good cybersecurity practices that should be a part of everyone’s daily routine, ...

   Tuesday, October 8th

Have your say on the e-Competence Framework

At ICS we know all IT professionals need to keep their skills up to date and track them throughout their career. We developed the CareerPlus tool to benchmark your skills against an international standard - the e-Competence Framework (eCF).The European e-Competence Framework (e-CF) provides a reference of 40 competences as applied at the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) workplace, using a common language for ...

   Wednesday, July 17th

The EU Cybersecurity Act brings a strong agency for cybersecurity and EU-wide rules on cybersecurity certification

picture evoking cybersecurity

On 27 June the European Cybersecurity Act entered into force, setting the new mandate of ENISA, the EU Agency for Cybersecurity, and establishing the European cybersecurity certification framework. With the entry into force of the Cybersecurity Act, a new course is starting for ENISA, the EU Agency for Cybersecurity, which will enjoy a permanent mandate, increased responsibilities and resources. First example of its kind, the ...

  Tuesday, July 2nd

Global Centre for Business Agility launched as a new force for Digital Transformation

The Irish Computer Society is proud to welcome the Global Centre for Business Agility (GCBA) to its network of supported member bodies. The Global Centre for Business Agility is a non-profit member organisation for professionals who use agile techniques to deliver better business value.The association joins itSMF Ireland, HISI, Iasa Ireland, ADPO, BPI and the Business Analyst Association of Ireland to provide expert ...

  Thursday, June 13th

New Cybersecurity Standards for SMEs

Cybersecurity is a make-or-break issue in the digital economy. Although there is growing recognition that building cyber resilience is crucial, adoption of the extant cybersecurity standards is severely lacking—especially among SMEs. This is partially due to the fragmented nature of cybersecurity certifications in Europe; there are no well-known and universally accepted certificates with a high level of adoption.Among other goals, the EU ...

   Monday, January 20th

Irish Copyright Act 2019 New IP Provisions

The remaining sections of the Copyright and Other Intellectual Property Law Provisions Act 2019 were enacted on 26 December introducing a number of significant and long-awaited changes to the copyright regime in Ireland. The 2019 Act modernises Irish copyright law and implements certain exceptions to copyright infringement permitted under the EU Info Soc Directive. It modernises the law in a number of respects and bolsters the position ...

   Monday, January 6th

New contract regulations for electronic communications services

The European Commission has adopted an implementing regulation establishing a template for the contract summary that electronic communications services operators should provide to consumers in the EU. The providers of these services, such as telephony, messaging or internet, will need to give to the consumers a summary of the contract before the conclusion of a contract. The summary will include the main conditions of ...

  Thursday, January 2nd

ICS CIO Profile - Barry Lowry, Irish Government CIO

This month we've been speaking to Barry Lowry about his role as the Irish Government's Chief Information Officer.Lowry is a Fellow of the Irish Computer Society and a member of the ICS CIO Advisory Board. Name:  Barry Lowry, CIO, Irish Government Bio:  Barry has spent over thirty five years working in ICT. He started as a Trainee Programmer in the Northern Ireland Civil ...

  Tuesday, December 17th

In memoriam - Geoff McMullen

On behalf of all ICS members we would like to offer our deepest condolences to the family of Geoff McMullen who recently passed away.Geoff worked closely with the Irish Computer Society and ECDL Ireland for many years and contributed greatly to society.Geoff began working in IT in the 60's with roles at Univac, Shell, JANET and Ukerna going on to run the ...

  Tuesday, December 17th

Is technical debt always bad?

Technical debt refers to the cost of delivering software or services which will require rework due to known or unknown factors.Often it is caused by choosing an easy or quick solution due to time pressures, lack of ability, negligence or a legacy system so old or complex that no one is confident in making changes to.Not all technical debt is bad, and ...

  Monday, December 16th

ENISA proposes Best Practices and Techniques for Pseudonymisation

The European Union Agency for Cybersecurity (ENISA) published a new report on “Pseudonymisation Techniques and Best Practices”, which explores the basic notions of pseudonymisation, as well as technical solutions that can support implementation in practice.In the light of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), the challenge of proper application of pseudonymisation to personal data is gradually becoming a highly debated topic in many ...

  Monday, December 16th

Cyber Resilience Sungard AS Briefing Slides Available

Thank you on behalf of Sungard AS to those who attended the cyber resilience briefing on 3 December 2019. We hope you enjoyed it.Cyber attacks come in many different forms, and far from being aimed solely at the operation of the business, cyber criminals aim to cause a great deal of reputational and financial impact on their targets. Delegates from the Cyber Resilience Briefing, held ...

  Friday, December 13th